AvanseusTM Cognitive Assistant For Networks

Поставщик: Avanseus Holdings Pte. Ltd.*

The avanseus TM Cognitive Assistant for Networks is an Artificial Intelligence driven application which predicts potential failure of network events and recommends preventive measures. It helps detect failures that cannot be identified by existing network monitoring systems and uses advanced machine learning to continuously extract ever improving information for efficient network operations. The solution analyzes both structured and unstructured data. This can include internal data such as syslog messages, trouble ticket and alarm information,network configuration data, and customer complaints, together with external data such as weather conditions. By analysing this data, the solution significantly reduces the time for Root Cause Analysis (RCA), automatically identifies recommended actions and improves network availability. The solution is delivered to users via interactive smartphone, tablet or PC applications as well as daily reports.

AvanseusTM Intelligent Monitoring

Поставщик: Avanseus Holdings Pte. Ltd.*

The avanseusTM Intelligent Monitoring solution uses our proprietary and patent pending machine learning algorithms for collecting, storing and analysing images from real time video streams. The solution has the power to effectively detect real time events to help avert undesirable incidents.

Aerial Videography & Photography and also Drone Rental & Subscriptions

Поставщик: SkyEye*

We can provide kick-ass aerial footage for your documenting needs. Rent a DJI Phantom or other commercial drones for days or subscribe to one with complete back-end and front-end services. Drone units, training, insurance, CAAP Certification, repair and maintenance we can handle. We also do service level agreements, project audits, crop health analysis, watershed management, and so much more. Got a unique project in mind? Drop us a line and let’s talk!