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Design features
• 3-stage low pressure compressor

• 5-stage high pressure compressor

• annular combustor

• 1-stage high pressure turbine

• 1-stage low pressure turbine

Engine AL-55I
Maximum mode thrust, kgf 1 760
Inlet diameter, m 0.462
Length, m 1.950

• possibility of engine use for single-engine aircraft

• engine modular design provides high maintainability and low operating cost

• up-to-date digital engine control system with backing up hydromechanical channel provides flight safety and high diagnostic capability

• integrated starter-generator provides engine start and electric power supply for aircraft systems

• single AL-55 HP Core enables development of engine family for various applications, incl. afterburning and thrust vectoring modifications

The family of engines based on the AL-55 HP core destined for basic and advanced trainer and other types of aircraft.

On the base of AL-55 HP Core, UEC-Saturn has created the АL-55I engine for basic trainer aircraft developed by foreign Customer.