Trailer-mounted UNISTEAM-M is a successful complex of mobility and high performance. Trailer-mounted UNISTEAM-M can be transported to any destination, this installation being designed for continuous operation in harsh climatic conditions: from -55°C to +50°C.
The installation work independence is provided for by a powerful motor. It is available in different versions according to individual options and designs. This model provides an opportunity to remove the butt from the trailer by means of removable fittings, which allows the use of the trailer for other purposes, if necessary.
Trailer-Mounted Mobile Steam Generator is a compact version of truck-mounted model. Allows fully autonomous operation being powered by diesel generator. To enable maximum comfort an operator’s room can be provided. Perfectly deals with thermal treatment of oil well by steam loads, as well as industrial cleaning of equipment by streamlining steam via spray head.
Feed water is pumped from the water tank and is delivered to the steam boiler, where it is transmuted into steam. The steam is then conveyed to the treated
object via pipelines. Steam output depends on model.