AETOS offers an unparalleled UAV service where we provide you with fully trained pilots, conduct of safety assessment prior to every flight session in accordance with BizSAFE standards and post-flight data processing of collected information.

AETOS offers the perfect UAV designed for urban outdoor usages. The EAGLE V2 (4th generation) is a German-made UAV which can be effectively deployed to carry payloads ranging from HS video cameras, thermal imaging devices to chemical & biological detection sensors. It can also be configured to live-stream encrypted data directly to a command centre.
Missions to be conducted by this state-of-the-art UAV, range from covert operations, crowd control and tactical engagements to accident investigations.

For indoor usages, GIMBALL, a collision-proof UAV which uses obstacles to find its way instead of avoiding them, is not only easy to pilot but also safe to use indoors and in complex human environments.
It solves multiple challenges such as inspection of industrial facilities, rail and roadways, firefighting, search and rescue, marketing and communication as well as law enforcement!