20-27 November 2020 – II Russian Film Week in Singapore

20-27 November 2020 – II Russian Film Week in Singapore!

Link to livestream will be available on the Platforms: RSTrade and Odnoklassniki according to the film schedule.

The I Russian Film Week in June 2019 was held successfully, aroused interest of Singaporeans and foreign guests: https://youtu.be/ZP_s8c3eeaw

In five days:

֍ more than 900 people on the opening day;

֍ more than 3000 spectators at film screenings;

֍ 5 Russian films.

This year you have an opportunity to visit it from any corner of the world. Russian Film Week will be held online for the first time!


֍ 20 November at 19.00 (Singapore time) – Opening Ceremony

֍ 20 November after the Opening Ceremony – Battle of Sevastopol

֍ 21 November at 20.00 (Singapore time) – I am Teacher

֍ 22 November at 20.00 (Singapore time) – Sobibor*

֍ 23 November at 20.00 (Singapore time) – The Balkan Line

֍ 24 November at 20.00 (Singapore time) – Green Carriage

֍ 25 November at 20.00 (Singapore time) – Indestructible

֍ 26 November at 20.00 (Singapore time) – Saving Leningrad*

*Will only be available in Singapore

Follow the link and dive into the world of Russian cinema! Chat for discussion will also be available for you!

Organizers: Russia-Singapore Business Council, established on the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and Within the Family Nationwide program with the assistance of State Corporation «Rostec».

Guests of honor: modern Russian film directors and actors: Fyodor Dobronravov, Nonna Grishayeva, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Ivan Okhlobystin, Vladimir Sychev, Elena Lyadova and others.

Full description of the event: http://www.rsbctrade.com/ii-russian-film-week-in-singapore/