More than 50 representatives of IT and "smart city" companies in Indonesia are interested in Russian IT products
What does ISO 9001 conceal and why is it needed?
Rostec develops innovative optical fiber for transport and industry
Shvabe will release a new artistic lens
Российско-Сингапурский Деловой Совет и Представительство Россотрудничества в Республике Сингапур подписали соглашение о сотрудничестве
Подведены предварительные итоги испытаний самолета МС-21-300 по защите от попадания воды в двигатели
Двигатели ТВ7-117СТ-01 разработки АО «ОДК-Климов» готовы впервые поднять в небо новый Ил-114-300
Светофоры для «умного» города
Ростех поставил в московские школы и МФЦ дефибрилляторы с голосовым помощником
Best Asian expertise: RSBC launches online training for Russian companies
Concern "Constellation" has summed up the results of the competition of innovative ideas "Constellation Z"
Shvabe patented equipment for the production of optical elements
Russia will set a record for the production of ventilators
"Shvabe" was awarded the "Golden Mercury" award
Rostec has developed an industrial Internet of Things system
Representatives of Enterprise Singapore and Singapore Tourism Board visited the renovated Foreign Promotion Centre
In the first half of 2020, the share of the non-resource component in the total volume of Russian exports increased by 10%
UEC has developed a composite blade for the PD-35 aircraft engine
Shvabe summed up the first results of its work during the pandemic
Mesin diproduksi "ODK-Kuznetsov" memastikan peluncuran wahana antariksa kargo
Mesin roket RD-107A/RD-108A, yang diproduksi oleh perusahaan Samara "ODK-Kuznetsov" (bagian dari United Engine Corporation), memastikan dengan sukses peluncuran wahana antariksa kargo "Progress MS-15" di dawah program Stasiun Luar Angsaka Internasional.
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