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The company "BG-Optics" has its own scientists, and leads advanced development in the field of quantum optics and manufactures devices and systems based on them.

Distributed security Fiber Optic Line of Control "WOLF" monitors the status and protection of perimeters of extended objects.

The complex consists of a fiber-optic cable, sensor, logic module and secondary processing server that has access to the local and / or wide area network. In this case the operator can be any person with any device that supports Web-based interface, and having authorized access to the complex management.

The sensitive element of the complex "WOLF" is a telecommunications standard single-mode fiber (fiber optic cable).

The basis of the complex "WOLF" is distributed vibration sensor and acoustic effects - Coherent OTDR. It allows you to capture an approximation to the protected area and border crossing throughout the whole perimeter of the controlled area. When a person or a car approaches, or in case of any work performances near the guarded object, “WOLF” transmits the information about the place to the operator’s computer with accuracy up to 10 meters.

The complex allows to reveal any kinds of activities, that produce water and ground vibrations throughout the whole perimeter of the complex.

One such complex can replace many point detectors and is more efficient at the vast objects.

Сost of the complex "the Wolf" various configurations:
Coherent Optical Time Domain Reflectometer 2 channels - 150 000 $;
Coherent Optical Time Domain Reflectometer 4 channel - 240 000 $;
Linear-Phase Optical Time Domain Reflectometer 2 channels - 370 000 $;
Linear-Phase Optical Time Domain Reflectometer 4 channels - 500 000 $


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Diver in tow moving (m)10Motor boats and scooters moving (m)100
Surface vessels moving (m)500light wheeled vehicles moving (m)5
Heavy wheeled vehicles moving (m)10caterpillar vehicles moving (m)50
Excavation equipment operation (m)20entrenching tool operation (shovel) (m)2
Vehicles crossing the guard boundary at (km)с 10 по 100The movement of the pedestrian from the sensor element (m)10
the ability to detect and track a large number of objects simultaneously
Temporal resolution in each channel ( s)1the length of the perimeter, controlled by one “VOLK” module – up to (km)80
event determination accuracy (m)10