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AkKo Lab LLC

AkKo Lab LLC is a research and production company specializing in development and manufacture of unique innovative materials. AkKo Lab LLC was created in 2009. the core operations of which include R&D in the field of natural and technical sciences. The company employs highly skilled specialists, including academician and Ph.D. with extensive experience in implementing high-tech and knowledge-based projects starting from the concept and to the industrial design. According to the technical task of...

SST Group

The Special Systems and Technologies Group of Companies (SST Group), founded in 1991, is the largest in Russia and one of the largest global providers of residential and commercial heating cable solutions and industrial heat tracing systems. SST products and solutions can be found throughout Russia and are exported to over 60 countries worldwide.

Epuramat S.A.

Epuramat S.A. provides compact, energy-efficient and mainly chemicals-free water and wastewater treatment solutions. Its patented ExSep® (Extreme-Separator) pre-treatment solution uses fluid dynamics, to separate solid matter from liquid, enabling wastewater to be more easily and more efficiently processed or recycled. Epuramat systems can be used in a variety of municipal and industrial applications, including treating sewage from remote communities for direct discharge into sensitive aquifers,...

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