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JSC "Kazan Instrument Design Bureau"

JSC "Kazan Instrument Design Bureau" developer and manufacturer of a wide range of sensors and electronic equipment. The products developed at KPKB are equipped with almost all currently existing domestic aircraft - these are temperature, speed and torque sensors, as well as secondary equipment for indicating and monitoring these values.

Included in the concern "Radioelectronic Technologies" Rostec State Corporation

JSC "Scientific and Production Association" Radioelectronics "named after V.Shimko"

JSC "Scientific and Production Association" Radioelectronics "named after VI Shimko" is the head enterprise in the Russian Federation for the development of the state identification system and the aircraft, ship, ground means and cryptographic coding equipment involved in it. The center is the main manufacturer and supplier of the latest radar identification and cryptographic coding equipment of the modernized Password system, including the export version and national identification systems - 40...

Stavropol Radio Plant Signal (PJSC Signal)

The Stavropol Radio Plant Signal (PJSC Signal) is the leading enterprise of the radio-electronic industry and the Russian military-industrial complex. Production and technological capabilities make it possible to fulfill orders of any complexity within the framework of various forms of cooperation, one-time contracts or applications. The proposed work and services are carried out qualitatively, with high accuracy and as soon as possible. Included in the concern "Radioelectronic Technologies" Ros...

PJSC "Bryansk Special Design Bureau"

The main activity is research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences.

Included in the concern "Radioelectronic Technologies" Rostec State Corporation

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NK-14E, NK-14EBR


Industrial engines


Supplier: JSC "ODK-Klimov"

The VR main gearboxes feature high reliability and a long service life.


Supplier: JSC "ODK-Klimov"

The TV7-117V family provides better safety by making emergency power of 2800-3750 hp available in extreme situations. The engine features a new FADEC system based on the BARK-12 or BARK-57 electroniс engine control unit.


Supplier: JSC "ODK-Klimov"

Thanks to the improved performance of the VK-2500 engine the helicopter ceiling increases by 30%, the rate of climb by 50% and the payload, depending on the helicopter model, by 1,000 – 2,000 kg. The engine also improves the speed and maneuverability of the helicopter. Accordingly, the aircraft gain fundamentally new qualities for operation in the mountains as well as in areas with a hot climate.

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