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Fighting the pandemic within the project of Shvabe and RSBC

Regarding the complicated epidemiological situation, to implement the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of March 21, 2020 No. 708-r, Shvabe JSC jointly with the Russia-Singapore Business Council found and organized the delivery of  personal protective equipment and specialized equipmentб which is scarce in Russia, to counter the spread of the 2019-nCov virus. This was done in the interests of Russian regions and federal authorities. The total volume of special cargo delivered to Russia amounted to more than 40 tons.

Deputy CEO of the State Corporation Rostec, Chairman of the Russia-Singapore Business Council Mr Nikolay Volobuev mentioned in this regard: “Due to the coordinated work of all participants, it was possible to organize the delivery of scarce and most popular means of control and personal protection, including disposable masks, respirators, protective overalls, eye shields, non-contact thermometers, sanitizers and thermal cameras to Russia in the shortest possible time. This was done in the circumstances of the pandemic and the closure of airspace in most countries of the world, as well as the limited functioning of transport hubs and constantly changing export rules. Aeroflot and Volga-Dnepr aircrafts were used to deliver cargo to Russia. In a short period, we have established sustainable and proven business relations with core enterprises of China and Singapore”.

Mr Alexey Patrikeev, CEO, Shvabe JSC told how it became possible to reach this goal: “For today, we have a unique experience of special equipment supply in the interests of state customers, Russian regions and the Rostec State Corporation,  as well as of the integration od complex technological solutions and their localization at our plants. The Rostec State Corporation, Shvabe JSC, Shvabe – Moscow LLC and the Russia-Singapore Business Council, including its regional branches, worked jointly to deliver on the pointed target and showed a high efficiency. Interface of the digital Platform RSTrade (www.rstradehouse.com) were used in work”.

Mr Ivan Ozhgikhin, Deputy CEO, Shvabe JSC, responsible for turnover of non-military  products and foreign economic activities, added: “An analysis of foreign experience has shown that one of the most popular solutions in the current situation and in the future are integrated systems for monitoring the health status of staff and visitors of infrastructure and industrial facilities, office centres and other public places. As a result of the work done together with foreign partners, the Russia-Singapore Business Council, taking into account the unique competence in the region to counteract the spread of coronavirus infection (2019-nCoV), a line of relevant equipment was selected and delivered to the Russian market. For a number of technical means, the necessary work was carried out regarding localization. The most promising are automated non-contact temperature control tools, including infrared thermometers with high-precision sensors for measuring temperature at a distance of 5 to 15 cm in less than a second. Such devices work quickly and accurately. This allows to identify and quarantine a potential virus carrier timely, preventing the disease from spreading further. Thermometers under the brand Shvabe are manufactured in China. These medical devices fully comply with the technical specifications developed and transferred to the contractor by the Holding’s specialists, as well as the state standards of the Russian Federation”.

Work in self-isolation both in Russia and in Singapore, the closure of a number of enterprises – potential suppliers, create serious difficulties in the formation of international cooperation. At the same time, the Russian medicine needed to take operative anti-epidemic measures, which lead to well-coordinated joint work. Dr Sergey Pronin, Deputy Chairman – Executive Director of the Russia-Singapore Business Council emphasized: “It would have been impossible to reach our goals in the circumstances of isolation of most countries without active work of regional and digital infrastructure of the Russia-Singapore Business Council, close interaction of the Centre for Overseas Promotion of Russian High-Tech Companies and the Presentation of investment projects with partners and representatives of the Corporation in other countries, support of Russian Embassies in China and Singapore, close cooperation of national ministries and agencies, as well as coordinated work with the participation of Shvabe – Moscow LLC. Due to the integration of RSTrade Platform with profile resources in Russia and abroad, inner compliance and rich work experience we managed to build an effective and safe collaboration”.

The vital equipment and materials supplied from abroad will be brought to Russian medical institutions in the shortest time, which will minimize the infection spread and create the conditions for the end of the epidemic. In post-epidemic period the materials and equipment will also be used for healthcare. Moreover, there were established contacts with foreign partners, which can in future become a new channel for expanding the foreign economic activity of Russian companies.

For reference

Shvabe Holding is a part of the Rostec State Corporation and includes a few dozens of industrial objects and scientific centres in 10 cities of Russia. Today it is the main core of the optical industry of the country. Within the Holding the entire cycle of the creation of high-tech optoelectronic and laser equipment is implemented in the interests of national defense, state and public security, and civilian industries. At the end of 2019, the portfolio of intellectual property of the Holding amounted to 2425 units, the range of products - over 6500 items. Shvabe enterprises develop and mass-produce optical electronic and laser systems for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, systems for aerospace monitoring and remote sensing of the Earth, medical equipment, energy-saving lighting equipment, optical materials and scientific instruments. To date, more than 200 thousand units of lighting equipment and about 10 thousand units of Shvabe medical equipment have been installed in the Russian Federation. This equipment is used nearly in all cities of the country. The deliveries cover all regions of Russia and several dozen countries of the world. The Holding has regional offices in China, Switzerland and Belarus.

Russia-Singapore Business Council was established in 2009 at the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Rostec State Corporation. Today the Council includes cca. 70 Russian enterprises and holding companies. More than 40 international companies, organizations and branch associations are RSBC partners. The Council has regional offices in Novosibirsk and Samara, its representatives work in Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Oryol, Cheboksary, Barnaul, as well as in Singapore, Myanmar and Japan. In 2016 the executive structure of the Council, RSTradehouse LLC, was created. This company is an operator of the international digital information and service Platform RSTrade. The Platform gathers over 83000 companies from 25 countries, its services are available in 4 languages (Russian. English, Chinese and Indonesian). RSTrade Platform is integrated with the State Industry Information System and internatinal service and logistic platform CamelONE. In 2017 at the initiative of the Council and with the support of the Rostec State Corporation the Centre for Overseas Promotion of Russian High-Tech Companies and the Presentation of investment projects was founded in Singapore. At the Centre there works a showroom of Russian technologies, as well as two engineering laboratories, which have the goal to facilitate the entry of Russian companies into the markets of ASEAN countries, as well as to develop international scientific and industrial cooperation.