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Mirrorless Camera Zenit M

Supplier: JSC “Krasnogorsky Zavod” (KMZ “ZENIT”)

Mirrorless full-frame camera Zenit M with the usage of rangefinder in its design has a compact size. The design of the camera turned out to be recognizable in style of photography equipment Zenit and Zorki. The set includes a camera Zenit M, a Zenitar 35 mm f/1.0 super-fast interchangeable lens with an M-mount and a charger for a removable lithium-ion battery.

Radio MV of "MV-21"range

Supplier: JSC " POLET "

Implementation of simplex telephone radio communication

On-Board aviation apparatus of digital surveillance control.

Supplier: JSC " POLET "

Designed for organization and management of information exchange

Set of equipment intercom aviation "AVSA-21"

Supplier: JSC " POLET "

Set AVSA-21 (together with avia headset GSSH- A-18, handsets MTT-UK-1) is designed to: provide all aircrew with connection between each other.

M-K-M Commutator

Supplier: JSC "Kalugapribor"

M-K-M Commutator with LCD display, protected by silicone keyboard and touchpad.

Radar equipment

Supplier: Joint Stock Company "Chelyabinsk Radio Plant" POLET "

RSP-2ST is designed to control air traffic in the area of aerodromes, as well as to control the approach process by determining the deviations of the aircraft from a given line of descent vertically, horizontally, and giving commands to the crew via radio channels

MKP routers

Supplier: JSC Sozvezdie

Provides forwarding of IP packages between different network segments, connects dissimilar networks with different architecture.

Information stele with the function of emergency communication

Supplier: Urals Optical-Mechanical Plant (UOMP) atau JSC “PA “UOMP” (Perusahaan Saham Gabungan “Asosiasi Produksi “Pabrik Optik dan Mekanik Ural yang dinamai E. S. Yalamov”)

Information stele with the function of emergency communication is a popular solution in the field of technology to enhance security of various objects of the urban environment, and also is a tool to increase tourist attractiveness and simplify navigation in cities. Information stele as an element of safe urban environment can include video surveillance, video analytics and face recognition technologies and be part of one integrated system of "Safe City".

Antenna satellite communication system DA-150 MNIIS / Satmission

Supplier: Joint Stock Company "Moscow Research Institute of Communications" (JSC "MNIIS")

The antenna system of the DriveAway type with the DA-150 MNIIS / Satmission Targeting Controller SNTA.464655.013 TU is intended for the organization of satellite communication channels in the Ku band between the vehicle in the parking lot and the central emergency system. The system provides automatic guidance to the selected satellite relay in geostationary orbit, using data from the built-in GPS receiver and induction compass.