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NK-14E, NK-14EBR


Industrial engines


Supplier: JSC "ODK-Klimov"

The VR main gearboxes feature high reliability and a long service life.


Supplier: JSC "ODK-Klimov"

The TV7-117V family provides better safety by making emergency power of 2800-3750 hp available in extreme situations. The engine features a new FADEC system based on the BARK-12 or BARK-57 electroniс engine control unit.


Supplier: JSC "ODK-Klimov"

Thanks to the improved performance of the VK-2500 engine the helicopter ceiling increases by 30%, the rate of climb by 50% and the payload, depending on the helicopter model, by 1,000 – 2,000 kg. The engine also improves the speed and maneuverability of the helicopter. Accordingly, the aircraft gain fundamentally new qualities for operation in the mountains as well as in areas with a hot climate.


Supplier: JSC "ODK-Klimov"

Over 25 thousand TV3-117 engines have been manufactured since the start of production. Their total time in operation exceeds 16 million hours.

TV7-117S family

Supplier: JSC "ODK-Klimov"

The most recent version of the engine (TV7-117C) features an enclosed centrifugal wheel that increases its power by 10% while maintaining all the other performance parameters. JC "UEC Klimov" holds a patent for the design and manufacturing of such wheels.

After-sales service

Supplier: PJSC "UDK-Ufa Engine-Building Production Association"

PJSC "ODK-UMPO" provides a full range of services for after-sales service of the supplied aircraft engines

GTU-6PG Industrial Gas Turbine

Supplier: JSC "ODK-Perm Motors"

The updated GTU-6PG gas turbine with M-60 step-up gear was developed as a mechanical drive for centrifugal compressors used in gas turbine pumping packages. M-60 step-up gear makes it possible to optimize the parameters of a gas turbine pumping package. In 2006 the first gas turbine was installed at "Myldzhinskoe" gas-compressor field of "Tomskgazprom" OJSC. The gas turbine is currently in pilot operation in "Ural" GPA-6DKS gas pumping packaged unit. The gas turbine is also used as part of "Ural-6000"gas turbine pumping package, which was delivered to the Booster Station-2 within the Sakhalin-2 Project.

GTU-4PG Gas Turbine for Gas Transportation

Supplier: JSC "ODK-Perm Motors"

4 MW gas turbines are used in new generation GT gas compressor packages at underground gas storage stations and for mechanical drive of pumps, compressors, etc.

Aircraft engine D-30KP

Supplier: JSC «UEC-Aviadvigatel»

Turbojet dual-circuit engine with reversing device. In 1972 he passed state tests. Since 1972, it has been mass-produced at the engine-building plant in Rybinsk. Issued more than 4700 engines. In 1978, a modification of the engine was developed - D-30KP 2 series with preservation of take-off thrust at ambient temperature up to + 23 ° С. Since 1982, it is commercially available.