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Warehouse refrigerator

Supplier: Stalberg

Specifications Dimensions: 17.15 x 34 x 3 meters area-561 m2 Availability: 3 working days Availability with changes in the project: 7 working days

Large football field

Supplier: TENTMAX

A hangar of this size allows you to place a full-fledged sports Palace with several blocks of stands and a multi-storey ABC (administrative and household complex) with changing rooms, showers, cafes, etc.



IDN-03 Intensive Care incubator for Newborns

Supplier: LLC "RSTradehouse"

Function The incubator is designed for nursing and intensive care of newborns, including premature babies with a critically low weight (from 500 g) in neonatal intensive care units, intensive care units, newborn pathology departments, emergency and medical pediatric departments, maternity hospitals.

IDN-02 Intensive Care incubator for Newborns

Supplier: LLC "RSTradehouse"

Function The IDN-02 Intensive Care incubator for Newborns is intended for nursing and effective resuscitation of premature and weakened children in departments of pathology of newborns, resuscitation departments, intensive care wards of specialized medical institutions. The IDN-02 Intensive Care incubator consists of a pediatric module with double walls and a transport trolley for free movement. IDN-02 provides uniform distribution of heat inside the pediatric compartment, humidification of air and oxygen supply during therapy.

Production of aircraft hangars

Supplier: TENTMAX

Frame tent hangar for aircraft (aircraft, helicopters, gliders,...) can be both cold (single layer) and warm. These hangars have a wide span without supports and wide gates for the arrival and departure of aircraft