Printed circuit board production

Supplier: JSC “Radio Engineering Corporation “Vega”

Stock company "NICEVT" provides wide variety of services on mechanical processing of ferrous and non-ferrous and various plastic materials. Projects on production of printed circuit boards are carried out with high-tech equipment with adhering to the strictest demands to the cleanness of working area and quality of final product. Quality and reliability of our products is proved by time!

Detail machining process

Supplier: JSC “Radio Engineering Corporation “Vega”

The company produces frames and details of metal sheets with use of milling and lathe processing centres. “Mechanical detail process|” service includes: - Processing with metal chip removing from the CNC machining stations (milling and lathe processing) - Sheet processing (cutting-out and bending) - Setting up end product with following coating that is provided by technical requirements (galvanic processing, powder and paint coating)

Intermodal transport

Supplier: Transportation Group "Fesco"

Intermodal and multimodal export and import container transportation from/to the ports of South-East Asia through the ports of Russian Far East on a basis of regular marine services and Trans-Siberian Railroad

Sales trainings

Supplier: LLC BiKonTre

Experienced salesmen are made rather than born. No businessman is ready to risk his or her goods, giving it to an unexperienced trader. But where does this experience come from? Salesman should be taught with the right working methods.

Leadership training

Supplier: LLC BiKonTre

Changing environment is a source of various challenges, that were insignificant just a while ago. These challenges are to be faced by modern managers whether they are ready for it or not. A number of training programs on the most urgent managerial topics is based on a single methodological base, that allows medium and high-level managers to be “on the same wave” and build their company together, making their efforts and determination to a common goal efficient.



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