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Our company produce organic fertilizers based on chicken fermented manure (hereinafter organic fertilizers), as well as humates: (liquid): potash, sodium and ammonium-phosphorous for :
1. Increasing fertility, fertilizing seedlings and improving the taste of crop and vegetable production,
2. Restoration of oppressed, fallow agricultural lands,
3. Restoration of natural landscapes after forest fires, man-made accidents, equipment operation (from 3 to 12 months),
4. Restoration of arid, saline soils, creation of oases on desert soils,
5. Processing of waste from poultry farms, pig farms, and cattle into organic fertilizers,
6. Processing of sludge from waste water to produce an organic mixture for recultivation of industrial soils,
7. Land reclamation after the elimination of landfills of solid municipal waste and elimination of odors.
Consumption rates:
For 1 hectare 0,16 litre of humate (suspension) is consumed, diluted with 150 litre of non-chlorinated water.
For waste processing (poultry- cycle of 14 days, cattle and pig- cycle of 21 days), 2 components (1litre of humates, directly processing waste and 1litre eliminating odors) are consumed per 1 ton of waste.
Humates: plastic containers of various capacities (the most popular IBC containers of 1000 litres),
Organic fertilizers based on chicken fermented manure (big bags of 1 ton).
Indicative price:
CIF and other Incoterms conditions costs are sent on request.
Flexible pricing depending on volumes and other conditions.
Delivery volumes:
Humates up to 200tons / month.,
Organic fertilizers: up to 6000 tons / month.
The delivery quantum is 20-24 tons.
Shipments: weekly.
Payment terms: prepayment, irrevocable letter of credit, bank guarantee.
Delivery time: weekly.
Competitive advantage:
1. For the production of humates, only natural raw materials are used – leonardite, which has been in the earth's interior for at least 80 million years.
2. The technology developed by us has no analogues in the world production and is the optimal means of reproduction of soil fertility.
3. The distinctive ability of fertilizers is the bioactivation and transfer to plants of the life-giving power of humus as the basis of all life.
4. The content of fulvic acids in humates is not less than 94%.
5. No need to change the crop rotation.
6. Stability of indicators and versatility of application.
7. Reducing the cost of mineral fertilizers and chemical protection products by at least 30%, including pre-sowing treatment of seeds and fertilizing seedlings.
8. Increase in yield from 25 to 150%.
9. Delivery is accompanied by a technological map of the application and post-sale free consultation.
10.High level of NPK : organic fertilizers (NPK 6:4:2) , humates (NPK 5,9:3,1:0,8), and minimum comsumption rate: 0,16 litre of humates / 1 hectare or 2 litre of 2-component solution / ton of waste.