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Water repellent agent “HydrophobNeo – G” is a unique composition aimed to improve water-repellent properties of the articles made from glass. The “HydrophobNeo – G” composition is both high efficient and environmental friendly. The “HydrophobNeo – G” compositions are suitable for all types of glass (automotive, window, interior, showcase, in showers etc.).

The “HydrophobNeo – G” compositions are especially recommended to impart water repellent properties to automotive glasses. Benefits:

-The visibility on the road in rain, mud and snow is improved (safety and comfort),

-The efficiency of the wiper blades is increased (savings),

– Due to the filling of microcracks the transparency of the glass is increased,

– Various glass contaminants are easily removed (simplicity and convenience).

The main advantages: The only water repellent agent that can be added to a windshield washer reservoir (problems with the complexity of water repellent treatment of automotive glasses are solved). The “HydrophobNeo – G” composition does not form a visible protective layer – film (in contrast to the compositions on wax, the problem of uneven abrasion is solved). The “HydrophobNeo – G” water repellent agent is the universal composition that can be applied to glass in the classical way as well (the composition does not solidify on the surface for more than 10 minutes, that allows you to remove excesses easily). The “HydrophobNeo – G” composition is made on the base of isopropyl alcohol (one of the safest solvents), that is why this composition is compatible with many certified windshield washer fluids. Due to the unique composition, the “HydrophobNeo – G” agent provides water-repellent properties to unpainted ABS plastics and restores the appearance of ABC plastic articles. The “HydrophobNeo – G” composition is safe for car paintwork and rubber seals.

During composition storage the influence of increased temperatures /over +35°C (+95°F)/ and direct sunlight should be excluded. Low temperatures and frost are not dangerous for the composition. The warranty storage time is 2 years.


1) Low viscous transparent colorless liquid with alcohol odor. 2) Consumption: 1,28 Fl. Oz./1 Gal. of washer fluid (or 10 ml/ 1 liter of washer fluid) 3) Package size: 3,381 Fl. Oz. (100 ml). 4) Coverage area: about 10 windshields, depends on the way of application.