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WS - ferrite active water conditioners for protection from limescale of boilers, heat-exchangers, industrial equipment, pipes and utilities.

Series "F" - ferrite flocculating devices for improving the efficiency of sand filters, to inhibit bacteria and bio-fouling in circulating systems, chillers, cooling towers.

What result customer can get from using of WS water conditioner?

Customer can get significant savings from the use of WS water conditioner. It helps to:
- minimize energy (fuel) overruns;
- reduce non-production downtime;
- reduce maintenance costs;
- get rid of premature wear and tear of equipment.

Because of:
- slower formation of limescale / deposits;
- gradual softening and partial removal of existing limescale;
- changing of deposit's structure cause less chemicals consumption for cleaning or changing them to more gently ones.

The source of these losses are formation of limescale and various types of deposits on the walls of the pipes and equipment.
Practice shows, preventing of limescale and deposits formation is cheaper that to provide high-quality water purification.


The WS water conditioner comprises a self-test unit and a digital display, which displays the current output value and the temperature inside the body.

It is ferrite type water conditioner. The device has ferrites made from special ferroalloy that minimizes the energy loss during power transmission into the water. Device has emitter with an original design, allowing us to improve treatment efficiency when working on plastic pipes.

The dismountable magnetic core allows the installation of the WS water conditioner over the pipe, without cutting the pipe. The mounting location - on a main pipeline or on a return pipeline (depending on application) at some distance before the protecting equipment.

From the mounting location, the impact is distributed along the pipeline and then along the tube plate of a boiler, heat exchanger, along the heat exchanger plates, the heating elements of electric water heater, and gradually decays.

Internal corrosion inhibition.

Internal corrosion inhibition by the WS water conditioner is based on the passivation effect.

As described above, the electromagnetic field of the device pulls free electrons off the metal from the inner to the outer pipe surface, which creates an electron-depleted layer on the inside surface of the pipe (that is why it becomes weakly positively charged).

With a lack of free electrons, the metal becomes weakly susceptible (passive) to corrosion. It oxidizes worse and behaves like a noble metal. This phenomenon is called passivation. It is present while the device is operating and disappears when powered off.