Purpose of the software:
SV Cloud Builder is designed to create point clouds and georeferenced photos from data received from a mobile laser scanning system.

Supported hardware list:
With the help of this program, you can collect point clouds and link photographs received from any device of the company "Skanviz".
The program processes trajectory data in SOL format and laser scanners Z + F Profiler, Velodyne, Ouster, Livox, LadyBug 3 and 5 cameras, Allied Vision Prosilica.
Loading of the project, generated by mobile laser scanners of the company "Skanviz", directly into the program is supported.

List of program options:
SV Cloud Builder allows you to define the minimum and maximum distance within which you need to create a cloud. The point cloud thinning parameter can be set.
The program supports the output of the cloud in various coordinate systems: ENU, ECEF, UTM.

Output format:
Point clouds are provided in LAS format in a given coordinate system. The LAS file size is determined by the size of the original laser scanner file.
The photo binding file contains the shooting time and the path to the photo file.

System requirements:
Computer running Windows 7.10. Processor not less than Intel Core i3 5010, RAM not less than 4 GB (depends on the file size of the laser scanner), ROM not less than 10 GB (depends on the size of the project).