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Biofunctionalized ceramics implants kit in the blocks, plates, granules and different dispersity powders form is used to treat various forms of periodontitis, post-traumatic deformities of the cheekbone-orbital complex, cystic formations, defects in the surgical treatment of benign intraosseous tumors and bone defects formed after injuries. Biofunctionalized ceramics is a composite osteoconductive synthetic material consisting of: a silicate matrix of not more than 35.0 wt.%; wollastonite (CaSiO3) not more than 5.0 wt.%; hydroxyapatite (Ca5 (PO4) 3OH) not less than 40.0 wt.%; β - tricalcium phosphate (β - Ca3 (PO4) 2) not less than 20.0 wt.%.

General characteristics
Biofunctionalized ceramics silicocalcium phosphate products are used in maxillofacial surgery, surgical dentistry and traumatology to eliminate:
major defects and deformities of the congenital and acquired human skeleton character after benign bone tumors removal as well as gunshot wounds and osteomyelitis;
small and medium facial and cerebral bones and alveolar processes postoperative defect of the various etiologies and sinus lift upper and lower jaws;
large, medium and small jaw bone tissue periodontal defects.

Not established.

General somatic diseases including uncompensated diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular system diseases, blood diseases, oncological diseases, the condition after radiation and chemotherapy, osteogenesis imperfecta and osteoporosis.

Biofunctionalized ceramics is made in the blocks, plates, granules and different dispersity powders form.

Additional information
Biofunctionalized ceramics is biocompatible with the tissues of a living organism, non-toxic, radiopaque and not subject to deformation in the long-term after implantation. It is resistant to infection and has osteoconductivity due to a well-developed cellular-channel pore structure, which provides material soaking with tissue fluid, vascular germination and the subsequent development of osteogenesis on the products surface and in volume. The postoperative wounds healing occurs by first intention.
Biofunctionalized ceramics stimulates reparative osteogenesis by bone defects replacement in the bone tissue regeneration process. The newly formed bone tissue forms on the microporous, rough surface of the Biofunctionalized ceramics irregular structure material.