Organic fertilizer Biotorf is a multimolecular complex of macro-, meso- and microelements in a humic preparation obtained by the technology of flow ultrasonic extraction of peatand fluorinated components.

The effect of the preparation
• Reduces soil erosion,
• restores depleted lands,
• ensures the restoration of humus,
• improves soil structure and moisture retention,
• increases gas permeability,
• creates a fertile layer on infertile lands, including sand.

Soil regeneration after natural disasters
Reduces soil erosion and provides an increase in humus content, improves moisture content and gas permeability. The treatment of post-pyrogenic soils with a product based on humic substances performs a stress-protective role for the microbial community of the rhizosphere and for plants, which is of great importance for soil fertility.

Recovery after oil and oil products spill
Saturates the soil with fertilizing components and activates various groups of soil microflora, improves air circulation and promotes aeration. It is compatible with other means of reclamation. Almost the entire process of soil purification under favorable conditions takes place in one growing season.

Reclamation of closed landfills and landfills
It absorbs heavy metals and radionuclides, converting them into insoluble forms, activates groups of microorganisms that participate in mineralization processes. Reclamation and remediation of agricultural lands after the use of excessive amounts of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, introduction of saline soils into agricultural circulation. Biotorf promotes the restoration of biocenosis and the formation of a fertile soil layer.

Storage and transportation
Long shelf life - at least 36 months. When a slight precipitate is formed, it is easily mixed, returning the drug to its original physico-chemical properties. Taking into account the unpretentiousness to storage and transportation conditions, the problemof long-distance delivery of products by any means of transport has been solved.