Organic fertilizer Biotorf is a multimolecular complex of macro-, meso- and microelements in a humic preparation obtained by the technology of flow ultrasonic extraction of peatand fluorinated components.

Fertilizer contributes to:
• saturating the root system with nutrients,
• overall strengthening of the plant's immune system,
• timely onset of the vegetative period and emergence of new buds,
• abundant flowering and improved crop quality,
• improving the structure and taste qualities of fruits.

Tillage. Pre-sowing tillage is carried out with a working solution of the Biotorf product no later than 2 weeks before sowing at an air temperature of at least + 8 C. Proportions of the working solution: in the form of a 10% solution of Biotorph in water.

Seed treatment. The seeds are soaked in a working solution before sowing for 6 hours. After processing, the seeds must be dried. The proportions of the working solution: 0.25 - 1 liter of Bio-peat per 10 liters of water.

Spraying. The phase of lash formation. The second treatment is in 10-15 days. The proportions of the working solution: 1 liter of Bio-peat per 100 liters of water.