Our company offers a high-quality welding rotator, which allows you to optimize and improve the quality of screw production. A turning chuck or a plan washer allows you to securely hold the screw axes of various diameters and weight categories during the welding process.

The VR-50 has a compact and user-friendly design that provides ease of use and storage. It can be used to work with various types of pipes, ideal for the production of augers of any complexity and size. The VR-50 welding rotator is a reliable and productive tool that allows you to produce high-quality spiral screws with minimal time and effort.

Purpose Transportation of bulk materials
ScrewTechJ1M model
Capacity Up to 90 t/h
The angle of inclination is 0 - 45
Rotation speed 187-280 rpm
Engine power 1.5-15.0 kW
Diameter 114-273 mm
Length 1000-12000 mm


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