Platform RSTrade: terms of use

Platform RSTrade (, hereinafter – the Platform is a digital information and service B2B Platform developed in Russia. All data of its Users are stored on servers in Russia. Only legal entities can be users of the Platform. The Platform is operated by LLC “RSTradehouse”, which owns the rights to the software and trademarks of the Platform.

The Platform is international, thus participating companies can represent any region of the world. Currently four languages are supported: Russian, English, Chinese and Indonesian. The number of languages is going to increase. It is worth publishing your information in several languages because this will significantly expand the range of your potential partners. Content management and communication with other Users is carried out through the User’s Personal Account. It is important that one account is established for one legal entity, but the User himself can act simultaneously in several roles: both as a supplier and as a consumer of both goods and services.

To get access to the Platform services it is necessary to register a company. Registration and some services available for the companies at the Platform are free. A number of services is not free. The terms of use of the services are presented both in the agreement with the Operator and on the pages of the website of the Platform.

On the Platform it is allowed:

- to publish information about goods and services of civil and dual use, search for investment projects and search for investors, selection of services and suppliers for the implementation of contract manufacturing services;

- to change the password to the Personal account of the User;

- to place information in a hidden mode when only a limited number of Users of the Platform will have access to the information, and the information will not be published on the website of the Platform;

- to use the “service exchange” mechanism, primarily for services of foreign economic activities (transport logistics, customs clearance, certification, insurance, cargo packaging, legal services, translation services);

- to make payments with your partners through the Platform services;

- to use the chat with your potential and real partners on those transactions, which are discuss and implemented through the Platform;

- to publish news about your company in consultation with the Platform Operator or in accordance with the terms of the contractual relationship;

- to create cooperative associations of the Users of the Platform for the implementation of engineering, research and other projects, including those on an interregional and international basis;

- to use the analytical information and tools provided by the Platform as part of user rights;

- to use the templates of contracts and other documents proposed by the Platform without being limited to them, and if necessary, use your own formats and sample documents;

- to use other forms of realization of their User rights, which do not contradict these Rules, the terms of the contract, the laws of the countries in whose territory the activity is carried out, and the norms of international law.

On the Platform it is prohibited:

- to publish information about military goods and services;

- to make payments bypassing the payment instruments and mechanisms of the Platform and the Operator under contracts for which partners were sought and / or prepared with the use of Platform tools;

- placement of the User`s company logo;

- to publish contact information about the User and his employees on open access pages, including publishing by attaching text, illustrative documents, presentations, QR codes, etc.;

- to send information to other Users which can be classified as spam;

- to spread information containing сlassified information;

- to disclose information about completed transactions, as well as about those tenders in which the User participated, without the confirmed written consent of other Users, subjects of the above operations and the Platform Operator;

- to disclose information about personal data of other Users of the Platform, which became known during the implementation of negotiations and contractual relations on the Platform;

- to publish information about products and services without images;

- to publish information about a company / organization without a logo / trademark;

- to change User’s login;

- to publish information and take actions in violation of the law of the country in which the activity is conducted, the Platform Users work, as well as international law.

Violation of these Rules by the User may entail punishment of the User by the Platform Operator in the form of a warning with a request to change the content, adjust the nature of the correspondence, etc., up to blocking the content of the User and excluding him from among Users. The operator reserves the right to decide on this unilaterally.

The Operator may make changes to these Rules unilaterally. Information about changes is published on the Platform in the Terms of Use and News sections.

This edition is published and enters into force 22.03.2019.