ICS CUBE is the single solution of the whole set of issues small business network faces when using the Internet.

Internet gateway.
ICS CUBE supports many types of internet access technology, cooperates with different terminals, manages and encrypts traffic in tunnels, balances traffic between multiple Internet service providers.

Centralized management.
Access and control of all your ICS CUBEs via one of them.

Network security.
Protected connections between corporate offices ensuring information integrity and safety. Corporate network is secured against viral and advanced persistent threats.

Access control.
Controlling employee access to Internet resources for groups and individually.

Proxy server.
HTTP traffic optimization combined with elaborate accounting and precise access control for every user and resource type or exact address.

Mail and jabber server.
Instant messaging and unlimited number of mailboxes on board. Mail antivirus to ward e-mail viruses, phishing attacks and unwanted SPAM. Flexible mail processing rules.

File and web server.
Safe file exchange for corporate users. Intranet or protected virtual internet web server for clients.

Voice over IP
Full featured voice over IP corporate gateway. Incoming and outgoing call redirection, filtering, IVR.


1. Интернет_Контроль_Сервер.pdf
2. ICS_CUBE_(eng).pdf