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interface device;
cable set;
operational documentation:

Main operation modes:
check of electrical circuits and values of elements, connected to these circuits, with the help of RLC-meter Е7-20;
check of power supply secondary sources BJe-R with a voltmeter V7-78;
generator check - as DPI 1500 sensor power supply, and their management circuits;
executive control mechanisms output keys circuit protection check;
the software allows you to inspect the BJe-R unit in manual and automatic modes. In manual mode, the operator sets necessary tests, using dialogs on the display. In automatic mode, the program performs the entire list of tests and creates the BJe-R unit testing log file, in a manner that provides its documentation.

Operational capabilities:
checks the condition of BJe-R unit at the stages of adjustment and acceptance tests;
is used as a laboratory instrument while checking the blocks with the same parameters.