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GTA-8 is based on liquid and gas-fired gas turbine generator SGTG-8 (manufactured by UEC-Saturn, PJSC) that has a possibility of automatic switch from one fuel type to another. Marine gas turbine engine E70/8RD with free power turbine is developed based on standardized gas turbine generator (GTD-4RM, M75RU, M70FRU engine family) proven in operation as a part of gas compressor set drives.
At the present time the SGTG-8 is the only Russian marine multifuel gas turbine power generator. The SGTG-8 is of climatic category according to OM-4 per GOST 15150 and meets the requirements of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
Automation degree is suitable for facilities with RS/K class marked as AUT2.
Block-module arrangement with location at servicing systems’ modules allows ensuring maximum pre-fabrication and to simplify the design and application.
Basic and process modules allow transportation via Il-76 aircraft hold, as well as railway and road transportation.


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