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UEC - Gas Turbines, JSC offers the following equipment:
- pressure tanks and vessels with volume from 0.05 m³ to 1 000 m³, sized for 0.003 MPa to 1 MPa, made of corrosion-resistant and carbon steels;
- drain boxes for radioactive drain lines with valve/grate, drain boxes with bypass valve;
- shower pans;
- containment penetration piping, diameter from 14 mm to 1020 mm, designed pressure from 0.9 MPa to 16.6 MPa, made of corrosion-resistant and carbon steels;
- sampling chambers, air vent boxes;
- decarbonators;
- working fluids preparation system;
- measuring chambers and collimation unit;
- hydrocyclone packages;
- hydraulic conveyors;
- air-tight safety doors, air-tight fire doors, radiation protection doors;
- prestressing containment bundled bars of nuclear power plant units with VVER-1000;
- industrial horns S-40