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Design features
• 11-stage compressor

• cannular combustion chamber (12 flame tubes)

• 2-stage compressor turbine

• 4-stage power turbine

Gas turbine GTD-6RM GTD-8RM
Shaft power output, MW 6.5 8.44
Electric power output, MW 6 8
Heat power output, Gcal/h 12.12 17.1
Thermal efficiency, % 25.6 26.5
Electric efficiency, % 25.0 25.8
Output shaft speed, rpm 3000
Usable fuel gaseous / diesel fuel
Fuel consumption (at nominal power), kg/h 1 830 / 2 180 2 385 / 3 465
Exhaust gas temperature, °С 460 520
Exhaust gas flow, kg/s 46.2 51
Dimensions (L х B х H), m 3.4 x 2.3 x 2.5
Weight (on frame), t 5.62
For reference purposes. Specifications depend on the facility type and the equipment applied.

• GTD-6/8RM high reliability ensured by the operational experience of the D30KU/KP aircraft engine family

• GTD-6/8RM total running time in operation, within GTA and GTES, counts more than 1 mln. hours

• possibility to use different fuels: gaseous fuels (natural gas, oil gas) and liquid fuels (kerosene, diesel fuel)

• reduction of capital and maintenance costs thanks to commonality between GTD-6/8RM gas turbines and D-30KU/KP aircraft engines

The GТD-6/8RМ gas turbine is the base for the GTА-6/8RМ gas-turbine power units, used within the GTES-12/24/etc. power plants, rated at low-to-medium output capacity (from 6 to 64 MW and above), designed for heat and electric power generation in simple, combined and cogeneration cycles.