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The use of LEDs reduces evaporation, lengthens the period between irrigation, does not cause burns
in plants in close proximity. Lamps emit balanced light with all the necessary spectra for the full
growth and development of plants.
DEVICE. The luminaire consists of an aluminum housing based on a special profile on which LED
drivers are installed. Inside the case there are printed circuit boards on an aluminum base with
soldered red, blue and white LEDs. Highly efficient reflectors are used to form the radiation pattern.
The compartment of the LED module is protected by polycarbonate glass. Silicone gaskets are used
as seals.
Color temperature - 4000-6500 K;
Supply voltage - 176-264 V;
Frequency - 50 Hz / ± 5%;
Luminous Fluctuation: ≤ 1%;
Power Factor, Cos Φ - ≥ 0.9;
Operating temperatures: −60 ... + 55 ° С;
Dimensions: 610x240x220 mm;
Weight: no more than 8.7 kg;
Service life: at least 50,000 hours;
Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 Years.
It is made at JSC “NIIPP”.


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