Nanofiltration membranes allow removing suspensions, colloids, bacteria and viruses, heavy metal cations, and some high-molecular organic compounds from the liquid.

The nanofiltration plant includes the following components:

- stainless steel load-bearing structure;

- disk operated mechanical filtration filter;

- low and high pressure pump unit;

- membrane block (contains the estimated number of membrane housings complete with rolled nanofiltration elements);

- hydraulic pipeline system with shut-off, control valves, control and measuring devices and automation equipment;

- chemical CIP-washing module for membrane elements;

- reagent dosing unit (if necessary);

- automated control system based on a programmable controller.

Areas of application for nanofiltration units:

- in all industries - preparation and treatment of water (pre-filtration of sea water, softening, correction of salt composition, removal of high-molecular compounds with a decrease in BOD and COD, cleaning of waste cleaning solutions, etc.);

- in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries – for example, for demineralization of dyes and fluorescent clearing agents, concentration of pharmaceutical forms, etc.;

- in the food industry-desalination and concentration of food and dairy products, beverages, by-products (lactoserum, fermentation products), chromacity reduction and processing of food products, etc.

For example, using the nanofiltration process for processing lactoserum allows simultaneous concentration of up to 30-40 %, partial demineralization and mechanical cleaning of the product from impurities.
Especially important is the use of nanofiltration units in conjunction with lactoserum electrodialysis units, which allows not only to increase the degree of serum demineralization up to 95%, but also to improve the organoleptic properties of the product and significantly increase the economic efficiency of production by reducing energy costs. Demineralized serum, as a secondary raw material, can be used further in the production of dairy products.