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Semiconductor lamps with a built-in reflector in a metal-plastic housing are designed for use as a
red, yellow, green, white color light source in river traffic control signal systems (replacing
incandescent lamps in existing types of light-signaling devices with a cylindrical Fresnel lens Ø 90
mm or Ø 75 mm )
When turning on the lamps, observe the polarity. The positive pole of the power supply must be
connected to the base of the base, the negative pole to the isolated terminal of the base.
Main advantages:
low power consumption;
resistance to external influences;
environmental Safety;
fire safety;
compliance with EMC standards;
certificate of conformity;
2 year warranty;
service life more than 12 years;
built-in voltage stabilizer;
work in the car network;
arbitrary polarity of the supply voltage.
It is made at JSC “NIIPP”.


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