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ESPPP-75 devices are used as navigation light signal mounted on floating and coastal navigation
signs (buoys, beacons, non-self-propelled and self-propelled floating barges, pontoons, bridges, etc.
according to GOST 26600-98), which serve to indicate the ship's passage on inland shipping lanes.
The visibility range, glimpse characteristics and color of navigation light signals are determined in
accordance with the requirements of the International Association of Lighthouse Services (IALA).
The Russian Federation is included in the list of countries that have announced the transition to the
IALA fencing system. Our country belongs to Region A.
The color of the glow is determined by the type of lamp used in the device:
red (lamp type LPRK-01, LPRK-05);
yellow (LPRZH-01, LPRZH-05);
green (LPL-01, LPL-05);
white (LPRB-01, LPRB-05).
Light-signaling devices are available with a colorless Fresnel lens with a diameter of 75 mm or 90
mm, forming the necessary luminous flux.
Main advantages:
Less power consumption;
Excellent color rendering;
Resistance to external influences;
Environmental Safety;
Compliance with EMC standards;
Fire safety;
Long service life.
It is made at JSC “NIIPP”.


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