We design and manufacture tracked kits for upgrading motorcycles.

Easy to install on the bike, you can do the installation yourself. The complete pendulum is removed at the back and replaced by a track module. The wheel is removed from the front and the docking station is installed. You can mount a bag, canister or equipment on the tail and there are special fasteners for this.

PRICE: the price per set is indicated in the minimum set. EXW

The kit is included:
- the complete track module.
- ski module complete. Attachment to the fork with a set of bushings for different axle diameters and plastic frost-resistant ski.

Crawler set is an excellent option for motorcycle rentals, an opportunity to increase the season and profit. In addition, the motorcycle snowbikes can be used to organize mini tours of the territory and excursions.

The set comes with parts assembled. No special skills or tools are required for installation on the motorcycle.

- set weight 40-60 kg
- steel/aluminium material
- caterpillar 19-38 cm wide
- for motorcycles with 110-450 cc engine.