We understand that the quality and scope of testing is important. As such, we strive to show our customers the real degree of their internal and external perimeter security, application protection, and employee awareness. We also use all possible attack vectors and techniques in our assessments.

Security Assessment and Testing Services
Penetration testing services
External Penetration Testing
Testing of external perimeter

Internal Penetration Testing
Examination of internal infrastructure

Social Engineering
Manipulation of employees into revealing sensitive information

Security assessment services
Web Application
Security Assessment
Security analysis of portals, user accounts, and other web resources

Mobile Application Security Assessment
Security analysis of mobile apps

Online Banking
Security Assessment
Security analysis of online banking platforms

Benefits of Group-IB’s Services
Knowledge of threats
The expertise gained from our Digital Forensics Lab, CERT-GIB, and proprietary Threat Intelligence & Attribution keeps us well informed about the latest attack vectors and newest techniques employed by threat actors.

Custom-tailored approach
The procedures, security assessment tools, report content, and other parameters of our projects are determined based on our customers’ needs and the specifics of their information systems.

Clear result
We provide results written in the client’s own language. Each report contains a short analytical summary for executives together with detailed descriptions of vulnerabilities and specific recommendation for technical specialists.