You can remain unaware of hidden threats for months
Preparation for targeted attack
It takes hackers months to deploy malicious infrastructure to conduct an attack — in a completely unsuspicious way

Mergers and acquisitions
integration with another business may pose risks hidden in new infrastructure: implants, backdoors, CVE

Unscrupulous competitors
Access to your trade secrets provides your rivals a competitive edge in the market

Insiders or former employees
they know the company's infrastructure and leak information, going unnoticed for a long period

Why do security breaches go unnoticed or underestimated?
Hackers use new attack tools and techniques that are not detected by conventional security mechanisms

Insiders act carefully, using legitimate software, which enables them remain unnoticed

Attacks on your infrastructure may be conducted not directly, but through less secure subcontractors, partners or clients

Group-IB uncovers threats before they can damage your organization
As part of Compromise Assessment, Group-IB specialists will install the Threat Hunting Framework hardware and software solution, while experts with hundreds of successful investigations behind them will evaluate your IT infrastructure for signs of compromise.

Our forensic specialists will check key elements of your infrastructure for the presence of attacker activity
Use proprietary forensic tools and unique Threat Intelligence & Attribution data

Threat Hunting Framework Sensor identifies network anomalies, infections and abnormal behavior of devices
Examine key nodes in your infrastructure: domain controllers, processing, payment gateways, etc.

Threat Hunting Framework package will help to detect overlooked signatures of targeted attacks in the corporate network
Threat Hunting Framework Polygon launches suspicious files in an isolated environment analyses their behaviour and impartially assesses their threat level

Restore the attack timeline to prevent repeated incidents

All detected events are analyzed by experienced Group-IB specialists 24/7

You will get:
1 Report on security breaches
The attack timeline and detailed analysis of attacker activity

2 Report on provided services
Technical details with step-by-step description of the Compromise Assessment process and all results

3 Recommendations
Suggestions to improve infrastructure to defend against future attacks

4 Summary for executives
Brief report outlining key assessment's findings