Nowadays, any company can fall victim to fraud. Dishonest borrowers, unreliable contractors, corporate disputes, and corruption can all affect a company’s activity and reputation. Group-IB specialists help promptly prevent threats, understand fraud schemes, and increase the likelihood of recovering lost assets.

We effectively detect:
Withdrawal of money and assets
Fraud, misappropriation, and theft
Fraudulent transactions
Digital traces of unlawful actions

Investigation methods:
Group-IB offers services that work both individually and in tandem to meet your individual business needs.

Financial Investigation
Independent investigations to identify fraud, misappropriation, theft, abuse of power, losses and their causes, and persons responsible.

Investigation methods:
Analysis of transactions and business processes
Investigation of events
Identification of ownership structure
Examination of assets and money flows
Collection, identification, and formatting of digital evidence so that it can be presented in court.

Investigations cover data found in:
Tape recorders
Smartphones and tablets
Periodic analysis of finances to detect suspicious transactions and promptly identify threats and violations.

Auditing methods:
Identification of suspicious transactions and challenging assets
Accounting assessments
Assessment of budget targets and how they are achieved

Advantages of Group-IB’s financial crime investigations
Comprehensive approach to investigations
Our expert team reconstructs the timeline of fraud activities, helps understand fraud schemes, and increases the likelihood of asset recovery. The team’s holistic approach ensures we cover all services that you need. Our independent turn-key investigations significantly speed up projects.

Experience and industry reputation
Group-IB’s investigations are conducted by a diverse team of eDiscovery, forensic, audit, accounting, and investigation specialists. We have been collecting and analyzing digital evidence for our customers while ensuring utmost confidentiality for 17 years.

Broad digital forensics capabilities
Group-IB’s forensic experts hold GIAC certificates and conduct comprehensive investigations and collect meaningful digital data that can be used in court as evidence.

Experience in working with law enforcement agencies
If necessary, we facilitate communication with law enforcement agencies. We are partnered with law enforcement at the international, national, and local levels to ensure the best results in your case. Our partners include INTERPOL and Europol.