Supplier: Orbita

TSC is designed to convert DC battery voltage of lander manned spacecraft such as "Soyuz-TM". Converts the voltage 23-34V (constant) in stabilizable, three-phase 42V 1000 Hz (linear), to provide special power supply to control descent system (CDS) and the emergency rescue system (ERS).


Supplier: Orbita

SSC is designed to provide special power supply for motion control and navigation systems of spacecrafts "Soyuz" and "Progress". Converts board voltage 23-34V (constant) in stabilizable 42V (AC) with frequency of 1000 Hz (single phase).

ПН-30 (PCU)

Supplier: Orbita

Power Converter Unit (PCU) is designed to provide electricity for Commercial Crew Transportation System (CCTS) at the time of its docking with the US segment of the International Space Station (ISS).