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Historically, one of the main activities of RT-Techpriemka is the quality control of materials and technological processes used in production in order to prevent the supply of counterfeit products. During 2018, RT-Techpriemka performed conformity assessment of a total of 69,224.4 tons of products. The organization includes 42 quality control centers working on the aviation, space, electronic, mechanical engineering and other industries.
RT-Techpriemka keeps expanding its business and increasing its customer base in a steady pace. In 2019, the company signed quality control service agreements with the All-Russian Research Institute of Aviation Materials (VIAM) and the Radio-electronic Technologies Concern (KRET). The organization has a priority to enter the Southeast Asian market: in September this year, it reached a cooperation agreement with the Russian-Singapore Business Council.
Collaboration with leading research institutes allows RT-Techpriemka to enhance joint expertize and educational programs, the exchange of scientific, technical, technological and methodological information, as well as developments in the field of various metals and alloys.