The main elements of the supplier quality assurance system are:

1. Managing supplier requirements. In other words, we will help you set the requirements for the supplier in the contract so that it works according to the standards of the manufacturer of the main product.

2. Initial and periodic verification. Before attracting a new company as a supplier, it is necessary to make sure that its production processes are mature and ready to meet the customer's requirements. This requires an initial check. If the relationship with the supplier is long and lasts for decades for individual programs, then conduct periodic checks to understand the dynamics of development or degradation of the supplier.

3. Monitoring the supplier's compliance with requirements. We will monitor the fulfillment of the contract requirements by the supplier and take action in case of non-fulfillment.

4. Supplier development. We are talking about measures that will allow the supplier to meet the customer's requirements, standards and principles of its work.

1. Save time
2. Reliable contact base
3. More than 20 years of experience working with suppliers
4. Quality assurance
5. Cost reduction
6. Confidence in a successful outcome

A key goal:
Reducing the risks of non-compliance of partners and suppliers with deadlines, delivery of low-quality components, non-compliance of components with requirements.