An electric snow scooter is a lightweight single-track snowmobile for moving one person across complex surfaces such as snow, sand, gravel, or swamp. It runs on electric traction. Disassembled with one multikey in 5 minutes and placed in a car piece by piece. No license or registration is required to drive.

- Weight range: 50 -65 kg.
- Speed: 20-50 km/h
- Distance on one charge: from 10 to 100 km
- Load capacity: 120 kg
- Engine power: 2 -9 kW
- Battery: Li-ion, GEL
- Voltage: 48-92V
- Caterpillar width: 19-38 cm
- Dimensions in folded form: 130 x 90 x 40 cm


Complete with one battery. Thanks to the small track the bike is very maneuverable and lightweight, it can literally be turned on the spot. You can always drag it over an obstacle without assistance or pull it out if it is stuck. In the second version of the frame geometry, we took the battery out of the chassis space on the frame for easy removal and charging. The bike from the pictures was made to order. For you, we can refine the device depending on the specific tasks of use and distance on the road.

Coloring: Colouring in your corporate colors is possible. Symbolism: And also we offer a drawing of company symbols on a design of a frame and units.

For personal use:
- Hunting. Want to shoot something interesting? Use a silent snowmobile so as not to frighten the beast.
- Fishing. If you're far away from your hobby, sit down and go fishing comfortably.
- Family vacation. Have fun with loved ones in the open air, without unnecessary engine noise and exhaust fumes.
- Travel. Conquer new places with friends with minimal expense and technology.
- Education. Teach your child the first basics of crawler control, prepare the future athlete.
- Sports. Participate in competitions or organize a championship. In the U.S., snowbiking is now an official extreme sport.
- Transport. Do you often travel to rural areas? The personal assistant will deliver where you say!

It's for business:
- Oil and gas industry. Checking equipment on towers, collecting materials for laboratories. No more skiing where the car did not pass, just put the snow biker in the trunk and use it when you need it.
- Delivery. Use the snowmobile to quickly deliver small items such as equipment, spare parts, or accessories. Fasten the cargo to the frame, or place it in a sled, or simply carry it in a backpack, choose the appropriate option.
- Security. Patrol the plant area or pipeline. In case of an emergency, you can catch up with the intruder in the snow in seconds.
- Hunting grounds. You can silently track poachers as well as deliver a bait to points.
- Fieldwork. Do you often go with theodolite or leveling in the field? Do you repair equipment at remote locations? Use a snow biker to get more orders in time.


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