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JSC "RT-Techpriemka" for 80 years controls the quality of materials and semi-finished products for the needs of the military-industrial complex and aviation.

As part of this service, we determine the compliance of materials and intermediate goods with the requirements of regulatory documents and technological documentation.

In addition, we monitor the technological processes of their production at the supplier enterprises, bring to the management of the supplier enterprises information about revealed violations of the production technology of materials and intermediate goods and demand their elimination.

We carry out work with claims and complaints. We have the right to stop accepting materials and intermediate goods if we receive more than two claims from customer companies concerning the delivered products in one of the following cases: recurring defects, failure of the supplier to meet the deadlines for the implementation of corrective measures for eliminating identified inconsistencies in product quality, identified reccuring violations in production technology, which may lead to its non-compliance with the requirements of regulatory documentation.

Main goal:
1. Reducingdefective goods and materials to 0.
2. Identification of counterfeit products.
3. Improving the quality of materials affecting the quality of the final product.

Application areas:
1. Aviation;
2. Space;
3. Defense;
4. Combined-use.

One of the main customers in 2020 were the largest Russian aircraft manufacturers.