Industrial hoses for gas GOST 18698-79

Supplier: OJSC Kurskrezinotekhnika

GOST 18698-79, class G, delivery rubber hoses can be used for pressure-aided transfer of air, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other inert gases.

Platform-type vibrator VP-10

Supplier: Lighthouse Yaroslavl Factory

The platform-type vibrators are designed for compaction of concrete mixes in production of reinforced concrete slabs. They consist of several vibrating pillars mounted on common base plate. Two vibrators, generating vertical vibrations transmitted to the mould with concrete mix, are mounted on every vibrating pillar. To manufacture quality end products it is recommended to use platform-type vibrators in set with a control cabinet (ShUE) and to mould the mix in two modes – the first with vibration frequency of 20-30 Hz, and the second – 60-75 Hz.

Radio-transparent materials

Supplier: JSC “Radio Engineering Corporation “Vega”

Radio-transparent materials are designed to protect antenna systems for various purposes from external factors and improve operating conditions. In severe climatic conditions (low or high air temperature, high humidity, precipitation in the form of dew or frost, sea salt fog), the use of radio-transparent materials provides protection from external influences and prolongs the life of antenna systems. Strength characteristics and methods of fastening ensure the stability of the shelter at wind speeds up to 50 m/s

Radio-transparent fairings and shelters

Supplier: JSC “Radio Engineering Corporation “Vega”

JSC "Сoncern "VEGA" develops radio-transparent fairings and shelters for radar facilities on the basis of new isotropic radio-transparent materials and structures.