Supplier: Nevsky Shipyard

The main activity of Nevsky Shipyard is shipbuilding.

Tank car for transportation of molasses

Supplier: RM Rail

The barrel is made of stainless steel. Loaded through the loading hatch with the hatch cover open. Unloaded by gravity with both the drain device and the hatch cover open. Transportation of treacle, vegetable oils, syrups is possible.

Tank car for transportation of plant oils

Supplier: RM Rail

The car is made of carbon steel with food-grade rubber linings that allow to maintain the quality of oils. Drain device with selectable number of layers of protection. Suitable for transportation of high viscosity and solidifying plant oils.

Tank car for transportation of petrochemicals

Supplier: RM Rail

Tank barrel with steam heating jacket. Load capacity increased to 73 tons, cubic capacity - up to 88.1 m3. Transported cargoes: 178 types with a density of 1,028 t/m3, max.

Tank car for transportation of petroleum products

Supplier: RM Rail

The lightweight construction of the platform provides a significant reduction in the tare weight of the tank, increasing the load capacity by 3 tons and usable volume by 12.5 m3 versus competing counterparts.